Unit Experience

After units have survived a couple of battles, and are learning war the hard way they are also gaining experience in the field. Naturally a squad which is used to combat will be more effective. This is represented by giving squads experience points, and different abilities. There are three types of XP categories, HQ, Squads/Walkers, and Vehicles. Each will gain different abilities as they progress. If a squad is wiped out, the XP and any of the unit’s abilities are also lost, even if the same unit is repurchased later.

Experience (XP) can be earned in multiple ways:

  • When winning a battle, all units still on the table, and not Falling Back receive 10 XP. Units Falling Back, but still on the table receive 5 XP.
  • When losing a battle, all units still on the table, and not Falling Back gets 5 XP
  • After a battle the winning player can nominate one of his units, that unit gains an additional 1d6 XP.
  • Wiping out an enemy squad or destroying a vehicle is worth 2 XP for the unit. Only the unit that dealt the final blow receives XP.
  • Dedicated transports gain XP separately from their unit.

Named Characters may not gain XP. XP may be used in two ways: either purchasing a direct upgrade to one stat or purchasing a role on the appropriate ability table. Direct stat purchases may be made at the XP costs below for all units except non-walker vehicles:

WS: 25
BS: 25**
S: 25*
T: 30*
I: 20
A: 20
W: 25*
Ld: 20

Purchasing a stat upgrade increases the relevant stat by 1. Purchasing the same stat a second time costs double the listed price. A unit may purchase a stat more than twice. Stat upgrades marked with a * may only be purchased by HQ models. Stat upgrades marked with a ** may also be purchased by non-walker vehicles.

When purchasing a roll on the XP table the unit pays 20 XP and rolls a d6 and compares that to the tables below. Any Independent Characters use the Independent Character table; walkers and any other non-vehicle unit use the Squads and Walkers table, while vehicles use the Vehicle table. The first time a unit purchases a roll it must roll on the rank 1 table. If a unit already has an ability from the rank 1 table it may roll on either the rank 1 or rank 2 table. If a unit has an ability from the rank 2 table it may roll on any of the three tables. If a unit rolls for an ability they already gained from the chart they roll again, but roll 2d6 and chose which ability they wish to receive. If one of the 2d6 rolls an ability they have already gained they reroll that die until a new ability is rolled.
If for any reason the benefits cannot be applied (such as a model gaining fleet, when it already naturally has the fleet rule) it rerolls on the chart.

Independent Character Rank 1

  1. Inspiring Aura: friendly units within 6” of the model may reroll Ld tests
  2. Lightning reflexes: model gains +1I
  3. Experienced Fighter: model gains Preferred Enemy against an army faction of his choice (chosen once)
  4. Infiltrate: model gains the infiltrate ability
  5. Hardened: model gains Feel No Pain
  6. Sharp eyes: model gains +1BS

Independent Character Rank 2

  1. Aura of Glory: model gains Eternal Warrior
  2. Quick reflexes: model may shoot twice in shooting phase
  3. Agile: model gains fleet, any unit model joins also gains Fleet while model is part of the unit
  4. Sixth sense: model may reroll one failed armor or invulnerable save a turn
  5. Stealthy: model gain Shrouded, any unit model joins also gains Shrouded while model is part of the unit
  6. Lucky: one die per battle may be rerolled while model is alive

Independent Character Rank 3

  1. Perfect leader: all units may reroll Ld tests
  2. Unnatural Strength: model gets +1 S and rending, any unit model joins gains rending while model is part of the unit
  3. Surprise Action: Seizes Initiative on 3+
  4. Tough: unit gains +1T and +1W
  5. Dodgy: enemy models may only hit model on a roll of 5+ during the assault phase (takes precedence over other abilities and/or wargear enemy models may have)
  6. Tactical: d6 units may be redeployed at beginning of game after seize roll, before first turn

Squads and Walkers Rank 1

  1. Tank Hunters: unit gains Tank Hunters
  2. Agile: unit gains Fleet
  3. Infiltrators: unit gains the Infiltrate
  4. Specialists: unit adds 3” to the range of all non-melee weapons
  5. Veterans: unit gains +1I
  6. Steady and Reliable: unit gains +1Ld and +1BS during the shooting phase if they did not move in the previous movement phase

Squads and Walkers Rank 2

  1. Combat Tested: unit gains Stubborn
  2. Skilled: unit gains +1WS
  3. Sneaky: unit gains Shrouded
  4. Aim: unit gains +1BS
  5. Strong: unit gains +1S
  6. Angry: unit gains Hatred (everything) and Rage

Squads and Walkers Rank 3

  1. Calm and Collected: Overwatch shots made by this unit are made at full BS
  2. Skyward Aim: weapons used by squad gain Interceptor and unit may choose to gain Skyfire rule for any shots made
  3. Unflinching: unit gains +1T
  4. Fast: unit adds 2” to run and charge distances
  5. Careful Shot: cover saves taken against wounds dealt by this unit are at -2
  6. Indestructible: unit gains +1W

Vehicles Rank 1

  1. Fearsome: -1Ld on enemy units within 6” and front armour counts at +1 when Tank Shocking
  2. Steady: may fire one extra weapon at full BS when moving at combat or cruising speed
  3. Veteran Driver: may move an extra d6” when moving flat-out
  4. Veteran Cargo: vehicles gains Assault Vehicle
  5. Veteran Gunners: vehicle gains +1 BS when vehicle did not move in previous movement phase
  6. Venerable: may force reroll on damage table

Vehicles Rank 2

  1. Over-Charged Engines: vehicle is now Fast
  2. Precise Shot: shots made by the vehicle are Precision Shots on a To Hit roll of 5+
  3. Displacement Shield: vehicle gains 5+ invulnerable save
  4. Prepared: vehicle’s weapons gain Interceptor
  5. Assault Tested: vehicle may Overwatch
  6. Quick Unloading: transported units may disembark normally during movement even if vehicle moved more than 6”

Vehicles Rank 3

  1. Extra Armor (Front): vehicle gains +1 front armor
  2. Extra Armor (Side): vehicle gains +1 side armor
  3. Pro Gunners: vehicle gains +1BS
  4. Extra Amor (Rear): vehicle gains +1 rear armor
  5. Upgraded Guns: all weapons fired by vehicle are fired at +1S
  6. Force Field: vehicle gains 4+ invulnerable save

Unit Experience

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