Unearthed Relics

Relics are portable objects left behind of a mysterious origin. All relics must be assigned to an independent character, character model, single model unit, or monstrous creature. Relics may not be saved in “storage” for later although relics may be reassigned during the build phase. When a model wielding an relic is killed in battle, the relic is lost on the battlefield. The player winning that battle may search the battlefield after the battle and on a roll of 4+ he finds the relic, which must then be assigned to an eligible model (this does not have to be one who took part in the battle). All newly acquired relics are immediately assigned to a model. When a relic is found roll on the relic table below. A model may only wield one relic at a time, if a player finds more relics than they have eligible models, the player must decide which ones to keep and which one to discard. He may also try to sell the extra relic to one of the other players or even auction it off, but this must be done immediately, and if no buyer is found the relic is lost. The same relic may be found more than once by multiple or the same player.

Relic Table – 1d20

  1. Crown of the Body: controlling model gains +2T
  2. Warp Field Generator: grants model 3+ invulnerable save
  3. Amulet of Physic Prowess: Model that already has at least Mastery Level 1 increases their Mastery Level by 1
  4. Warp Blade: Melee Weapon with following profile: S: User AP: 2 Fleshbane, Warp
    Warp: Successful Invulnerable saves must be rerolled
  5. Teleport Shifter Type 2: controlling model’s unit may move an extra d6 in movement phase
  6. Lightning Storm Generator: allows the use of a free Preliminary Bombardments once per campaign round against territory holding model’s formation is attacking, cannot be shot down
  7. Camo Field: controlling model’s unit has Stealth and Shrouded
  8. Amulet of Time: controlling model may missed To Hit rolls in the shooting and assault phase and any failed armor saves
  9. Teleport Shifter Type 1: unit may teleport up to 36’’ away using Deep Strike rules in beginning of movement phase and only scatters 1d6
  10. Plasma Flamer: weapon with the following profile: Range: Template S: 6 AP: 2, Plasma Fire. Plasma Fire: All models who suffer an unsaved wound take an additional wound with no saves of any kind allowed
  11. Periapt of Madness, all units within 12’ of controlling model gain Fearless and Rage
  12. Amulet of Luck, any 5 dice may be rerolled during battle (including choose sides etc.) as long as controlling model is alive
  13. Foe-Biter: Each time the bearer slays an enemy in a challenge, it gains preferred enemy against that faction. This is a persistent effect that is only lost when it is reassigned to a different character.
  14. Grimoire of Perfection: The character and any unit that he joins gain double experience.
  15. Wings of Glory: The character wearing the wings becomes a jump infantry or monstrous creature, and gains Fleet.
  16. Scepter of Suppression: Once per round of combat, the wielder may choose one enemy model to suppress. This model may not attack that round but still may be assigned wounds and falls back with the rest of the squad. The scepter only works when there are two or more enemy models engaged.
  17. Icon of Immunity: If targeted by an enemy psychic spell the bearer and its unit may Deny the Witch on rolls of 2+. The bearer and his unit also treat their weapons as Master-Crafted when rolling against a unit that includes a model with psychic mastery.
  18. Blade of Relentless Thirst: The bearer and his unit gain Relentless, and may charge the turn they arrive from Deep Strike or Outflank. Additionally, they treat all transports as Assault Vehicles.
  19. Sigil of Vitality: The wielder gains It Will Not Die. If the model already has a regeneration ability, the sigil will permit one reroll per turn of that other ability. Additionally, if a spell or special ability would cause the bearer to suffer a penalty to one or more stats, the penalty is ignored.
  20. Mass-Reticulation Scope: +1 BS. If the bearer fires first and hits his target, shots from any other models in his unit that are shooting the same target become twin-linked.

Other Ideas:

  1. Hyper-Reactive Fuel: If the bearer unit is embarked upon a transport, or equipped with bikes or jump packs, he and his squad may add 6" to their movement during the movement phase. If this ability is not utilized in the movement phase, any template weapons the bearer’s unit uses in the shooting phase gain Torrent.

Unearthed Relics

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