Special Ruins

Special ruins are ancient buildings or structures that can be discovered on a territory and grant special abilities to the player owning them. Special ruins carry over to any new owners of the territory. When a Special ruin is found, roll on the Special Ruin table below.

Special Ruins Table – 1d12

  1. Strengthening Field: Defending warlord gains +1S, +1T, +1I, +1A and Eternal Warrior
  2. Great Cannon: acts as a Huge Artillery Cannon, but upgraded to S10 AP2
  3. Great Power Shield: missiles to this or any hex tiles within 2 spaces are destroyed on 2+,
  4. Material Cache: immediately gain 1200RP, Material Cache is then considered destroyed
  5. Ancient Research Facility: all defending vehicles in the territory chose one weapon to gain +1S (max 10) chosen at the start of the battle before deployment (only lasts for the battle)
  6. Monastery Ruins: all defending units are considered Stubborn during the assault phase and Fearless during the shooting phase
  7. Crystal Mines; territory income increases by 300 RP (for a total of 400 from that territory)
  8. Factory Ruins: all defending vehicles gain +1 front armor
  9. Guardian Turrets: in defending battle the player has access to 2 turrets with AV:13, 13, 13 each equipped with an Ancient Gun with the following weapon profile: BS5 S:8, AP:3, Heavy 3, Range:24”
  10. Reinforced City Ruins: terrain in the defenders deployment zone grants 3+ cover save
  11. Radio Jammer: attacking players suffer a -2 penalty to reserve rolls
  12. Warp Portal: hex tile containing Warp Portal is considered adjacent to all hex tiles up to 2 spaces away

Additional Ruins:

  1. Ark of Preservation: All structures in this territory count as superstructures.
  2. Terra Obscura: The territory is under the effect of 6th Edition night fighting for the entire game. Search lights and other such equipment still function normally.

Special Ruins

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